Here you are, having a long-drawn-out and bitter divorce case. It’s stressful and getting expensive and taking much longer than you thought it would. Judges, opposing lawyers, strangers are probing into intimate parts of your personal and financial life without regard to your feelings, your dignity, or your childrens’ needs. The attorney’s bills are running up. You’re anxious about your future and don’t know when this will end.

The attorney says the bills will be kept as low as possible, but all you see is two lawyers fighting it out as though it were personal to them, using every tactic possible to beat the other side. You thought you and your spouse could work out your issues without an ugly court battle, but here you are… You want to blame the lawyers – but it’s really the fault of the system! Divorce shouldn’t be a “War of the Roses” – if you both want that, then litigation is perfect for you.

But if you want to focus on the future, go on with your lives and have healthy relationships with your kids, then EARLY STAGE DIVORCE MEDIATION is for you.

The process can usually be completed in four or five 2 hour sessions over a time span of two months or less. The only delay to getting the divorce judgment will be the legal requirement of a 6 month wait from the date of the filing complaint if children are involved. Under some circumstances this can be shortened.

For more information on this process, how it works and can help you, please see my web site or give me a call at 269-375-3200.