I know this is probably a very difficult time for you. Making the decision to end a marriage can be gut-wrenching.

You ask yourself:

  • Should I do this?
  • Should I hire a lawyer?
  • What’s going to happen to the kids?
  • What’ the divorce going to cost?
  • How am I going to live?
  • And a hundred other questions on a life changing decision you never thought you’d have to make.

Over and over I hear potential clients say, “Help me. I don’t know what to do. Where do I start?”

Anyone who’s thinking of getting a divorce usually pictures an ugly, angry trial that will take months and months, with “greedy” lawyers taking advantage of their problem.

“How are my kids going to be able to deal with what comes after it’s over?” (Frequently, children believe they are to blame for the divorce and they don’t know what’s going to happen to them.) Unfortunately, these concerns by the clients and their children are very real. Divorces can be very ugly, very expensive, and can permanently harm the kids.

But it doesn’t have to be like that. This is where Mediation comes in.

If you and your spouse can agree to at least try what’s called “Early Stage Mediation”, most if not all of these concerns and fears can be dealt with in a calm, non-confrontational process, that will be far less stressful and will result in the best outcome for you and your children.

So what is Early Stage Mediation?
It involves you and your spouse meeting with a neutral third party, the mediator, before or at the same time as a case is filed, to review, discuss, and resolve all the issues that would otherwise be battled over in an expensive court fight: property division, legal and physical custody of the children and their support, as well as spousal support, (if called for).

Think about it. Call me at 269.375.3200 and let answer me some of your questions about Mediation.