This is a follow-up on last week’s blog about contacting your ex about exchanging the kids per your outstanding court-ordered holiday schedule. On the one hand, there’s a court order; on the other hand, there’s a real concern about possibly getting or spreading the Covid virus. Since I wrote that blog, there have been multiple emails on the Michigan Family Lawyers “List-Serve” site trying to deal with the problem. On the one hand, if a party refuses to follow the court-ordered schedule, it could result in one’s being found in contempt of court with potentially serious consequences. On the other hand, if you get or deliver the kids according to the schedule, one or more people could contract the disease. The lawyers writing on the List-Serve did not have a definitive legally satisfactory solution. It may be nothing more than working with your ex and a mediator to come up with a workable compromise. Get past your anger about old problems and concentrate on making the holidays best for the kids in the circumstances. Good luck!