Here we go again…

Back in January 2011, I wrote a blog entitled Pointing Fingers in which I praised President Obama for a speech in Tuscany that tried to reduce the feverish condemnation of the right wing for essentially causing the murder of 6 people and the wounding of 14 others.

The screamers blamed Sarah Palin and the right wing radio talk show hosts for inspiring the killer. It turns out the killer didn’t listen to the radio or watch TV and had no political opinions.

The media, politicians, and celebrities who went on a condemnation rampage might have learned the facts, but they wanted instead a “rush to judgment” to confirm their biases.

It’s happening again right now with the Covington teenagers, the Chicago actor, and Brett Cavanaugh because
“Don’t show me the facts, I already know who is to blame.”

It’s called “confirmation bias and attribution error”.

My 2011 blog wanted you to look at the assumptions you make when your spouse does something that you are fired up to condemn as a perfect example of what a SO* he/she is.

I’m not going to repeat it here, just go to the blog archives and you’ll see the damage you’re doing to your children when you’re automatically assigning blame.

Remember: mediate don’t litigate.