When I put that title up,I was thinking of the usual questions, such as have you discussed the divorce with your spouse? Can you agree to keep the anger out of the process for the kids sake?

But then I thought about what I have been watching on the CBS Morning program for the past two weeks. Gayle King had an interview with R. Kelly, the singer who has been charged with sexual assault. At one point he asked where the camera was and then he got up and went into a rage over his innocence.

This is the kind of action a mediator sometimes sees in a session or attorneys see in their negotiations. The point I want to make is that Ms. King remained perfectly calm and never let his explosive rage upset her. In fact, she just quietly called out his name-Robert–Robert. And without actually mouthing it, her direction was for “Robert” to sit down and act like a grown-up.

If a party goes into a rage, don’t let it work on you. You can squash this behavior simply be imitating Gayle King.

Try it!