A broken marriage brings a sense of loss, anger, frustration, fear, and depression. Becoming involved in a bitterly contested divorce proceeding can destroy the future for you and your children. Once the process gets underway, positions regarding money and the children, become hardened and antagonistic, (frequently with the self-interested help of the attorneys).

Months of depositions, interrogatories, subpoenas, and court motions, take what could have been a smart and fair settlement and turns it into an ugly battle that leaves all the parties and children as losers. (Except the lawyers.) Decisions about your future, your children, and your property are made by strangers, lawyers, and judges who don’t really care about your real needs.

Mediation prevents this.

If you and your spouse can agree to meet and discuss the future with a mediator and how to plan for it instead of rehashing over and over again real and imagined injuries, transgressions, and crimes of the past, you will be able to move on to your new lives with more respect for yourself and a very high probability that your negotiated settlement agreement will work for each of you and your children.

A trained and experienced mediator will be able defuse the anger and keep you focused on your real needs and interests. I’ll help you avoid frozen and uncompromising positions on issues and help develop options that meet the needs of both sides. Give me a call at 269-375-3200 to discuss your options.