Late last November, the New York Times ran an article on the front page of its Style Section ( 11/25/2012) entitled v The gist of the piece was that unlike the old days when mothers were just about assured of being awarded primary or sole custody of their children in divorce, there is now a great deal more equality in the parenting time given to dads.

While this is a major win for fathers and also for the kids themselves, it has created significant scheduling problems and greatly increased the potential for continuing conflicts between two people who otherwise don’t want anything to do with each other. (They did divorce, didn’t they?)

I’ve had many post divorce mediation where the battle has been over which parent was supposed to be where, or when to pick up or deliver the kids; with constant complaints about not meeting the other parent’s needs.

The article points out that to avoid the face to face and maybe lawyer to lawyer fights and the emotional drags they put on the parenting coordination, that the couple, (ex-couple,) use on-line parenting scheduling calendars and texting or emails to avoid confrontations in front of the children.

Changes in the schedule can be made by email instead of quarreling with the children present.

I recommend that you check out the article.

By the way, I don’t completely agree with it. We have become too accustomed to having our faces buried in the cell phone and not enough time dealing with our relationships in a mature manner. How ’bout those great family dinners when everyone, Mom, Dad, Junior, and Sis, are all engrossed in texting and not in even giving each other eye contact.

More later.