Well, it looks like the “Holiday Season” is on us again. And I’m afraid it’s going to be very strained and confusing as the rest of this year of the “Plague”.

If you are divorced and have minor children, there’s probably a holiday schedule in place. These schedules usually call for alternating holiday time with the kids – for Thanksgiving Day, Christmas Eve, and especially Christmas morning wake-up time to see Santa’s gifts. But with the “Plague” limiting our lives, do you want to take the chance of getting or giving Covid because of a required parenting exchange? This is a problem we’ve never seen before in our lifetime. At least in my lifetime, and that’s a VERY long time. Here’s just one difficult example: your ex is a healthcare worker exposed to the virus all day, every day.

Do you want to take a chance to have the kids come from your ex’s house for the holiday, especially if your current spouse is super concerned about his or her own kids being exposed? You need to talk to your ex NOW to see if you can work out a plan. And if that conversation does not go well, call a mediator. Give yourself a Holiday Gift, mediate it before it becomes a problem, and don’t call your lawyer on Christmas Eve! (It happens…)