Here’s a divorce question for you:
Do you want to litigate your divorce or mediate it?
Why do I ask, you say.
Let’s put it another way, choose A or B:
A. Do you want to see your money put the divorce attorneys’ kids through college?
B. Do you want to see your money put your own children through college?
If you and your spouse choose to go with the anger and desire for revenge scenario, then choice A will be the result. A contested divorce can easily cost $50,000. That pays for a lot of tuition for the wrong children.
If you have serious money to divide in your property settlement then plan on it being spit four ways. Many divorce attorneys will unfortunately see you as the golden goose and they will want you to keep laying those golden eggs as long as possible.
If you choose to mediate your divorce instead, most often you can reach a workable settlement and reasonable parenting arrangements that each side will live up to, at the least possible financial investment of your dollars.
Think about it.