It seems these days that everyone I know wants to be a mediator. That’s fine. Mediation is a more civilized way to resolve disputes, including divorce and elder care family problems, than a knock-down, dragged out court battle.

As a West Michigan mediator I’ve had the opportunity to participate in excellent training programs at both the basic and advanced levels. They have included civil, domestic relations, and elder care training courses. That’s over 200 well spent training hours.

But there’s more to being a mediator than just sitting in a class room and engaging in role playing.

Training courses don’t spend a lot of time examining the human dynamics dimension of the mediation process. And that’s what I want to get into in my up-coming blogs.

Stay tuned to find out the characteristics that attorneys AND clients expect to find in a good-to-great mediator!

Jeff Murphy – Mediation Services of Southwest Michigan