Today is December 26th. Unfortunately this is the first day of a 10 day surge in online searches for information about divorce. So says an article in last Sunday’s New York Times. If you’re reading this blog then you’re among the group making that search.

Naturally, my advice is to consider Mediation over contested divorce litigation.

Our motto is “Mediation is not an alternative to litigation. Litigation is the last alternative to mediation.”

It doesn’t matter if you and your spouse are so at odds that you can’t be in the same room. A good mediator can work with that (and often does).

Neither of you want the expense and frustration of a contested divorce and aggressive divorce lawyers.

Mediation is private, confidential and voluntary and far less expensive than a court battle. The agreements we work out in mediation are the most enduring and satisfying because you both made them freely and were not pushed into them by the lawyers and judges. Besides it’s what’s in the best interest of your children long term.

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